I had this idea for a little while now, about doing a ‘save or splurge’ series on my blog, testing out similar products and seeing which ones seem the best and my reaction. And realistically, I’m all about saving money but still getting your pennies worth out of your purchases (who doesn’t want that?)

I’m starting with these two face masks as they seem to offer the same benefits and look practically the same, but there is still quite a significant difference in price (nearly £20!)

In terms of quantity, the Origins face mask is double the ml at 100ml, whilst L’oreal is only half that.


I found the L’oreal face mask very drying, and once applied on the skin it feels really tight. However once removed it definitely firms the skin and makes you look rather glowy, whilst smoothing out the texture.

The Origins mask is *very* similar, it just feels like a much more gentler version and isn’t too drying or harsh on the skin. In terms of texture, its not as thick as the L’oreal one and you tend to need to apply a bit more to cover your face.


There’s really not a massive difference between them. If you have sensitive skin, the Origins might be your best bet, just to be on the safe side. If you have normal/combination skin, the L’oreal face mask would work perfect for you, plus its the cheaper option too!


Have you tried these two? If so, what did you think and which did you prefer?

Any recommendations on what to test next?


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