This is actually my first Christmas Gift Guide I’ve ever done on my blog, so I’m so excited to share some present ideas with you! Shopping for Christmas presents is definitely one of my favourite things about this time of year, and I love giving someone a present that I know they’re gonna adore!

Not to blow my own trumpet here, but I think I’m a pretty good present-buyer, well, that’s what my family tell me and I choose to believe them. I’ve narrowed it down to each individual to make things a bit easier to follow, so lets go..



My mum is pretty hard at thinking of presents for. She knows what she likes, and I always want to get her something that she can use for a bit of self-care time, as she never gets any. This year L’Occitane have the perfect gift for any beauty lover, the L’Occitane Advent Calendar* . It retails for £49 but the contents inside are worth £87.00, can you imagine getting 24 goodies for Christmas? Their scents are always divine, so hurry and get your hands on this one fast before they run out of stock!



My Dad is actually, not that bad to buy for. He has certain shops that he really likes, Jeff Banks, for example, so I know that anything from there will usually go down a treat. Last year I picked him up an Amazon Fire Stick so he could watch some TV shows that aren’t on ‘normal’ TV and he really loves it! Definitely a good present if your dad likes his TV shows. If not, there’s always socks and scarves?



I find Dan (the BF) pretty hard to buy for but I like to think he’s been happy with the stuff I’ve got him in the past. I’ve got him a few new shirts that went down really well, and sometimes I even ask him if there’s anything he wants if I’m in a pickle. I also rely on Not On The High Street for unique little presents that are a bit quirkier.



My sister is the easiest person ever to buy for. Which is both a good thing, because I have all her presents before December, but then lol, bank balance is not having a fun time. I’m not sure if it’s because we both like the same things, or the fact that I’ve known her ever since I’ve been alive. We both adore anything from Anthropologie, and in the past have got each other tickets to Taylor Swift or Little Mix concerts. Plus, that way we get in some extra sister time too! Bonus.



Present Buying Tips

  • Start early. That way you’re not panic buying, and spending more money than you actually need to. It will also be a lot less stressful!
  • Make a list. Don’t be distracted and hunt down only what is on it!
  • Throughout the year, I always make a note in my phone of ideas when a family member has mentioned something they’ve seen. That way when it comes to December you have some an idea of where to start buying.
  • There are some great DIY ideas if you’re on a budget this year. Pinterest is usually the best place to have a gander at.


*this post was sponsored by L’Occitane.

Have you started Christmas shopping yet?

  • That calendar is such good value! A lot cheaper than other beauty calendars I’ve seen on the market xx

    • Some of them are so crazy expensive, not sure I could ever justify it! xxx

  • This post gave me a lot of ideas! I stil haven’t started Christmas shopping and I really need to. Thank you for sharing this! x

    Antonia || Sweet Passions

    • Ohh thanks so much for reading, glad it gave you some ideas! xxx

  • That advent calendar looks amazing! Definitely a perfect gift for someone who loves beauty. Lovely gift guide Natalie! 🙂 xx

    Kayleigh | anenthusiasmfor.co.uk

  • Amy Eade

    Firstly well done on bagging a collab with L’Occitane, what a great brand to work with! The calendar is such good value too! I’ve started a little bit, but I know what I’m getting everyone else pretty much so hopefully it’ll be fairly stress free this year!
    Amy xx

    • Thanks gal, definitely a highlight of my month FOR SURE! I have a few more presents to pick up but I did do some wrapping last night so feeling a bit more organised, trying not to go too crazy with presents this year! xxx

  • Congrats on working with L’Occitane! So cool 🙂 Buying for my boyfriend is sooo difficult! But shopping for my sisters is a breeze. I actually had too may things I wanted to buy them! xx

    Madison http://breakfastatmadisons.com

    • Thanks so much 🙂 Is it just a sister thing? I could shop for her FOREVER! xx

  • L’Occitane is such a great brand (:
    I think that beauty advent calendars are perfect gifts because the person can get to know the brand. When it comes to buying presents it is something I love but always have some problems with buying for my mum and brother. On the other hand, I can spend a fortune on my sister (:

  • Such a great post! I always find it hard buying for both my father and my brother!

    Olga from Myme

    • Thanks lovely, men are pretty hard to buy for I think!

  • Why are men so hard to shop for? I usually buy my dad some funny gimmicky bits, as well as pjs and delicious treats, but I really struggle to shop for my boyfriend!

    Sharni xo
    A Girl & Grey

  • The Sunday Mode

    Oh you’re lucky that your dad isn’t too hard to buy for, I feel like my dad is a nightmare to buy for! But like you said, when in doubt….go with socks 😉

    Julia // The Sunday Mode