This is a bit of a random blog post, so forgive me for it not being the most coherent. I was just sat outside thinking about blog posts to write, whilst enjoying the sunshine and cracking on with my embroidery, and decided I wanted to whip up a little post about a new found love of mine: being crafty!

Granted I’m not at the stage where I’m re-upholstering side tables (although that sounds dreamy) but I’m loving unleashing this creative side of me.

I’ve never been amazing at Art but painting is something I’ve been doing A LOT of, and finding it so therapeutic.

I’m not at the stage where I can draw *and* paint, so I usually pick up a few ‘painting by numbers’ (which funnily enough I loved doing as a child) and I work on them every few days so they last a decent amount of time too. I’ve shared them here on my Instagram if you would like a look.

I’m also really enjoying embroidery. I bought this set off Etsy and fell in love, so recently I decided to make my own (a family friend let me borrow their kit, thankfully) using a design I took off Pinterest. I can’t show you the full thing yet as I’m giving it away as a small gift, but I’ll post it (again to my Instagram) soon.

I think my love for it is down to how soothing and simple crafting is, but that at the end you have something that YOU did, that’s beautiful. You created it. You gave life to it. And to look at it when it’s finished feels pretty damn sweet.

So, what’s next on my list? I’m thinking some more embroiderys as gifts for my favourite people, and I’ve also been thinking about doing something to our decking area at home, I’m not sure what I actually want to do yet, but the place definitely needs jazzing up.

Do you enjoy doing crafts?


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