After I wrote a post about My First Taste Of Slow-Living, I knew it was something I wanted to talk more about on my blog. It’s something that over the last year has really interested me, and I’m keen to incorporate into my daily life, as much as seemingly possible.

As a beginner, I appreciate that the whole concept can seem a bit muddled, so I thought I’d provide my own version of a guide for a slow living weekend that you could participate in if you wanted to.

Lets start at the beginning:



Hopefully by this point, work is out of the way for the weekend. Tonight’s agenda is all about relaxation, and getting you feeling calm and peaceful, ready for a lovely weekend.

  • Wash away the stress off the week in a big bubble bath
  • Make a phone call to a loved one to catch up.
  • Eat a nutritious yet hearty meal that leaves you feeling comforted, and restored.



You have a day to completely fill it with whatever you please. Here’s what I would recommend..

  • Get outside for some fresh air. If it’s cold, wrap up warm and remember you can always have a nice cup of tea to come home to.
  • Bake something. Baking is known to be very therapeutic, and you have a lovely treat to eat afterwards. It’s a win-win situation.
  • Start that hobby. Whether thats wanting to take up running, swimming, knitting or photography, today is the day to get inspired! It’s never too late to start again, especially if it brings joy.



Yesterday might of involved a few outdoor or active activities, so today we are all about chilling!

  • Have a lazy morning in bed. Bring your breakfast back to eat in bed and then have a little doze after. It’s Sunday after-all.
  • Read that book you’ve been meaning to for months, or watch a film that makes you feel happy and nostalgic.
  • Be kind to yourself. Whether that’s giving yourself a foot massage (I do this and it’s heavenly, highly recommend), doing a bit of pampering, or getting rid of some of the junk that’s been laying around the house and making you feel untidy, it’s time for it to go.



  • Try to avoid busy shopping centres or spending the weekend doing errands (it’s supposed to be YOUR free time!)
  • Spend the whole weekend mindlessly refreshing Instagram.
  • Beat yourself up about the things you haven’t done. It’s only two days off.
  • Fill your time with things that feel popular, but you’re not really in to.


Have you ever had a weekend like this?


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