As I’m writing this, we just got back from holiday the previous evening, and I wanted to pop on here to have a little chat. It’s been a fantastic 5 days, and I would sum it up by saying it was the perfect break away to create space.

I created space in my mind with lots of reading, and relaxing. I created some space in my body with daily yoga practices, and lots of walking. We created space for us as a couple by spending some much-needed quality time together. Everything just flowed by easy breezy, and it was blissful. I was able to daydream, think, manifest goals for the future with no time pressures or restraints.

It isn’t until you go away and aren’t doing the same daily routines do you realise how much you needed an interval. A change in the ordinary.

I’m hoping to hold onto this feeling a little bit longer, and hopefully remember this as a great lesson and reminder to just breathe, and let things be. I definitely need to take parts of this holiday back into my day to day life, such as walking more, spending more time offline, and not rushing around as much.

I’m sure you are all reading how zen I am feeling right now, so I’ll leave it at that!

Are you going away on holiday this year?


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