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READING: I’m about to finish The Flatshare.

WATCHING: We’re halfway through Season 2 of You on Netflix, so creepy but so good. I’m also at the beginning on Season 3 of Workin Moms and I’m really back into it again!

LISTENING TO: I’ve got a few podcasts I need to catch up on but I’m currently listening to Elizabeth Day on Fearne Cotton’s ‘Happy Place’ which is really great.

EATING: A lot of vegan eats!

LEARNING: More about photoshop. I’m extremely enjoying being a student again and I feel like I’m learning a lot already even though I’ve just started.

USING: Lots of charcoal face masks and rosehip face oil.

DRINKING: Oat milk in tea.

ENJOYING: Running. I’m about to sign myself up for a 10k in summer which is exciting and slightly nerve-wracking.

BUYING: Not that much actually! I’m trying to cut down on un-necessary spending.

DOING: 30 days of yoga with Adriene.

PLANNING: Another London trip later this month.

What are you currently up to?


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