I’m not sure I’ve done ‘a day in the life’ post before, but I always find them so interesting, plus it might mean you get to know me a little better too.

9am: I actually don’t get up much earlier than 9 o clock because I work in the afternoons, and I am the biggest sleep fiend you can meet! I’ve always needed a lot of sleep to keep myself feeling good. Of course the first thing I reach for in the morning is breakfast, which is usually weetabix with almond milk, and chopped banana on top, with a cup of breakfast tea, of course.



10-11am: Once I’m dressed for the day, I’ll either walk Harvey, go and get some food shopping from Asda, blog, or take some photos for Instagram. Depending on how I’m feeling and which feels more essential- apart from dog walking, which are never optional obviously 🙂


12pm: It’s work time! I work for a family business from 12pm until 4pm three or four times a week. This is where my income comes from, and I really enjoy being part of it. The typical things I do there are mainly admin based, updating schedules and keeping on top of lots of different jobs.



5pm: By this time I’ve arrived home and I start thinking about what I can have for dinner. I like to eat around 6pm, if not a little before, and because I eat a vegetarian diet, it can range from a pasta dish, wraps or veggie sausages and sweet potato. This is a time where me and Dan can sit and watch an episode of a TV show together too.

6-7pm: This is where I start to wind down for the evening. I do yoga, meditate, have a nice bath, and do my evening skincare routine (which is always one of my favourite times of the day).



8-10pm: Because I live next door to my mum and stepdad, me and Dan will head over there to watch a bit of TV and chat! Of course, I’ll be checking Instagram too and having a quick (but not that quick really) scroll.

10pm-11pm: I head to bed around this time, because I like to settle down and read a few chapters of my book before I fall to sleep, I find reading before bed so relaxing. If I’m having trouble relaxing, a few spritz of a pillow spray will always help.



Does your day in the life look like mine?


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