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For today’s post I wanted to do ‘a day in the life’ but I thought I would focus this one on social media, how and when I use it! It’s something that we all do at some point in the day, and it really interests me how we all use it differently, depending on the individual.


I would say the morning is when I’m most on social media, especially if I’ve logged off early the night before, there will be quite a bit to catch up on. I tend to go straight on my phone as soon as I wake up, which is a bad habit I really want to fix! It’s just too tempting because I have it next to my bedside table.

I go on Twitter, post to Instagram and watch some stories, then spend a few minutes on Pinterest. The morning is also where I get the majority of blog reading done, for some reason I much prefer to read them in the morning as to the evening. I go through my Bloglovin feed and read some of my favourites whilst I’m having my breakfast.


At this point I’m usually at work, and it’s probably been a few hours since I’ve been offline. I tend to have a quick stroll on my lunch break but nothing too time-consuming- maybe a tweet or two!


After I’ve come home from work, the afternoon is where I get a post written for my blog or make any Pinterest images I need to for a post I’ve got coming up. I love writing in the afternoon if I get the chance, maybe it’s because I have snacks and tea to look forward to?


Along with the morning, the evening is where I spend more time online. I post on Instagram twice a day, so in the evening I put another picture up and spend at least an hour of my evening (in total, I’d say) engaging with other people and scrolling through Twitter and Pinterest.

I tend to either log off at 9pm, or at least incorporate a good hour or two without my phone at some point in the evening, even if I’m watching TV with the fam. I also watch a few Youtube video’s before I read and then head to the land of nod…ZzZz…


Social Media Tips

  • Schedule tweets in advance so you’re never caught short. I always do mine on a lunch break or when I’m a passenger travelling.
  • Use an app to plan Instagram photos in advance, I use the Later app.
  • Don’t forget to log off when you need to. YOU come first!
  • Don’t moan about engagement if you’re not engaging with others yourself.
  • Remember not to take it too seriously, especially if you don’t do it for income. It should be fun at the end of the day.


Do you go on social media at regular times like me, too?


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