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Dear Diary, it’s time to slow down.

I always think you never quite realise how much you’re doing until you’re forced to stop.

Especially with this generation, busy is so glorified, and if you’re not crawling into bed at 1am after a 16 hour day, you quite simply are not doing enough. I find it so problematic, and even though I completely disagree with the whole thing, it even makes me feel like I’m never doing enough.

I work, blog, post creative images online, run, do yoga, meditate, organise, have our own home to clean, tidy and provide with food. I’m a daughter, sister, auntie, wife, grand-daughter, colleague. There are so many things we do without even realising, and I know that I for one always add pressure onto myself that I need to see x, organise y and complete x.

After a busy week (busy for me, might I add) my body sent me a sign to slow down.

And I’m listening to it. (Full disclosure: I’ve got the day off work today for rest, and I tried to be ‘productive’ this morning and clean the house, until my body AGAIN reminded me, hey you’re supposed to be resting? Let me pump up your heart rate and make you lie down to remind you).

This week I’m going to prioritise being less busy. I’m not even going to use the word ‘try’ because I’m really adamant about it. I AM GOING TO.

Here’s to a week of meaningful activity, listening to my body and my intuition, and learning that I am enough and I do enough, exactly as I am.


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