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I previously mentioned in this post all the reasons why I loved private therapy and would 100% recommend it, but of course there was a little journey to get there.

(Just to do a short disclaimer, getting professional help and seeing a doctor is something I would always urge others to do if they need to. I’m not trying to bash that with this post, just simply sharing my experience.)

My mum convinced me to go to the doctors as my anxiety was really starting to be debilitating, I was about 17 at this point. Anxiety was starting to affect all parts of my everyday life and my confidence was slowly slipping away.

We went to a local doctors and saw a very old, male doctor. After both me and my mum telling his our concerns, he suggested that we get a dog and go outside more. It was safe to say that we were heartbroken with this ‘advice’ that we received, and to this day my mum still gets so angry that we got treated that way.

We weren’t giving up and decided to see a different doctor at the same place. Unfortunately, we received the same poor treatment and she said it would just be something I would have to manage, and given shoddy leaflets and sent our way.

After a few more low months where I felt like I wouldn’t ever feel any better, we changed routes and registered myself at a different doctors that wasn’t as local but still fairly easy to get to. I remember going in the room with my parents and seeing THE kindest ever lady who was listening to my every word, and wanted more than anything to help me. She gave me so many different advice options such as medication, CBT, local counselling and information about private therapy. I was so relieved that I had finally had a positive experience and I could get the help I so desperately needed.

Those first two appointments were not what I had wished, but I’m so glad we kept on going and stayed strong.


  • Don’t give up. You deserve the help and you will eventually get it. Please stay strong and if you have a really bad experience, complain about it to a management figure (we really should of done this looking back)
  • Don’t be too nervous when you go, they really are there to listen and help, a good doctor will never judge you.
  • Write down your feelings. I did this as I didn’t know if I would be able to remember what I wanted to say, and it was so helpful and took the pressure off.
  • If you don’t feel comfortable going alone, take a loved one for support.
  • Sorry to hear you have two bad experiences with doctors, but that’s so great to hear that you found someone in the end who was so understanding and helpful. Wonderful advice at the end of your post, so helpful 🙂 x

    Kayleigh |

    • Thank you so much for reading Kayleigh! I love sharing my experiences xxx

  • Such a great honest post! I’m glad you’ve got somewhere after the awful experience. I’ve heard some stories of people trying to receive help from doctors and they have been turned down or told to ‘man up’, heres to hoping doctors are becoming more understanding.

    Fatima x

    • It’s terrible isn’t it? I’m so glad that there are good ones out there. Xxx

  • Diana Maria

    It’s so sad to hear how some doctors discredit what you’re feeling and don’t offer the proper help you could benefit from. I’m glad you were able to find a good doctor who has helped you through it, anxiety is so challenging. I’ve seen a number of therapists about it as well, and it’s true that sometimes you have to go through a few to find the right fit, but when you do, you’ll know 🙂

    Sending light & love your way,
    My Lovelier Days | Bloglovin’

    • You definitely know when you have a right fit with someone, and it’s so important to have the right one too! Thank you so much for reading Diana xxx

  • amazing post girl! I think its so important to get help, admittedly i never did with my own anxiety but that was my own personal choice and I felt better battling it with out medical help, however, I think for some its the fear of going and this just shows that because not all doctors will give good advice, you can still pursue that help to find someone that will actually help!

    • Definitely, even just speaking to a loved one about it will help! I always feel better after sharing, it just lightens the load x

  • This was such an honest post. To be honest, as a nurse, doctors can be really useless at times. I hate how most of them just like to discredit people who sought their help – like why even bother becoming a doctor if you’re not gonna do shit?!??

    Thank you for sharing.
    cabin twenty-four

    • Thank you for reading! It sucks that some of them tend to be that way, thankfully there are some lovely ones out there too who will actually help you xxx

  • Anxiety really can be debilitating and it is so hard when you pluck up the courage to go to the doctors and they turn a blind eye to it. As somebody that has battled with anxiety and depression for 6 years I really appreciate this honest post. I remember finally finding a doctor that listened to me and she asked me to make an appt with her at least once a month as she knew at that point I wasn’t ready for therapy.

    It is people like that that should be in the profession- not people that will give you leaflets and send you on your way.

    Well done to you (and your mum) for trying again xxxx

  • The Sunday Mode

    I think taking a loved one or even a close friend as support is a great idea, I find in any kind of doctor situation having another person there is super helpful because sometimes I zone out and don’t hear what they’re saying, or I interpret it incorrectly so having another set or ears is so helpful.

    Julia // The Sunday Mode