It feels crazy to be talking about the end of Summer, erm, when did it properly begin? Maybe it was that week when I was lounging in the paddling pool after work, feeling a little bit smug with myself and asking the BF if he could bring me my book out. Ahh, those were the days.

With Autumn approaching, I wanted to make a little list of my end of summer plans, a few things I’m going to try and fit in before all the sunshine goes.



This is something that is so easy to do, and it always end up a lovely time, but we just never do it. All you need is a blanket and some food, plus, we live SO close to a gorgeous park, so we really do have no excuse. Is it bad I’m also thinking how Instagrammable this could be too?



The other weekend we took the 2 hour trip to Scarborough for a bit of fun on the 2p machines and fish n chips, and it was so fun! It never feels *that* long in the car, along as you’ve got your snacks and music selection with you ready to go! Playing on the 2p machines really brings back my childhood, and I totally get how expensive they are now as an adult!

If you’re ever taking a long journey, make sure you use Point S so you know your car tyres are in good shape. Tyres are the only contact we have with the roads we’re trucking along on, so making they are free from punctures and holes is crucial. Just before the journey is the best time to check (when the tyres are cold) that they are inflated correctly. If you are in need of new tyres, Point S  have a great economical range available on their website.

With my dad being a driving instructor, he’s always the first to remind me to check my lights are working properly, and always advises me to check them before setting off on our way, especially if its a long journey and we will be returning when its dark.


Because we haven’t been on many trips away with the gang this year, I’m really looking forward to our little getaway that we have coming up in September! Its going to be so nice to spend real quality time together, plus there will be limited internet usage too which will make us all switch off more. I definitely want to buy a few new books to take away with me.


This isn’t specific to summer, but I wanted to mention it anyway as it’s a pretty special occasion that happening next month. I am so excited to go to my first wedding dress shop with my mum and sister, and I think it will be such a lovely memory to treasure. I’m not sure I will actually purchase a dress from these kind of places, as they tend to be super expensive, but nevertheless I cannot wait.

Do you have any end of summer plans? 

*this post was sponsored by Point S.



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