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I chatted to you guys about my favourite moisturisers in this post, so I wanted to give a little shout-out to my favourite face-masks too! I’m really enjoying this format of choosing favourite products and waffling on about them.

First up is the Origins Charcoal Mask, which is the one I always reach for when my skin is having a bad break-out. It’s effective, but not too harsh on my sensitive skin and really helps when I’m having a poor skin day/week. Charcoal masks tend to be a bit more drying for your face so I always make sure I follow this up with something super hydrating.

The L’oreal Pure Glow Mask  is the most affordable of the bunch, and whenever my skin is looking lacklustre, this is the guy I go to. It’s lasted me so long which I’m very happy about, and it has a scrubby feel on your face that can sometimes feel strange to just leave be. Once it’s been removed, my skin is always looking SO much more glow-y, definitely one to add to your Superdrug trip.

My Origins Drink Up Overnight Mask is definitely the least fussy of the lot. As its an overnight treatment, I use it straight before bed and I can *always* tell the difference in the morning. My skin looks a lot plumper and healthier, and it also smells sooo good! I feel like this would suit every skin type.

Me and my gal, Goddess Clay Mask haven’t had the best track record. I got it as a Christmas present and was so excited, but it always seemed to either break me out a little/or do naff all. I decided to give it another go and I found that before I was applying WAY too much product. It even says on the packaging a thin layer *silly me*. Now, I’ve obsessed with it! It’s become a firm favourite and probably the one I’m currently reaching for the most. Its pricey, but it’s going to last a really long time. Add it to your Christmas list immediately!


What’s your favourite face mask?

  • I so want to try that clay mask. Lovely round up x

    Tiffany Tales | Lifestyle & Beauty

    • Thanks for reading girl, would definitely recommend all of these! x

  • Face masks are my fave! I’m a big fan of kbeauty so I am equipped in my mask arsenal hehe. Yesterday I did a ginseng sheet mask and it’s calmed my hormone-fuelled-hormonal breakout so yay. I also love chemical exfoliators (COSRX BHA is working for me) and that helps keep my acne on the down low…

    I have both the Origins masks too, they’re the OG! I love using the charcoal one on my back (because of back acne ugh not pretty) and the overnight one on long flights (14 hours on a plane really sucks haa). My charcoal mask fave is the Omorovizca clay mask, and then I love use a moisturising mask like the Belif one, or any sheet masks I have on rotation! My fave is the Klairs soothing one and is AMAZING ^_^

    Cherie ✿

    • Ooh I was thinking the other day that I really want to get into Korean beauty but I’m not sure where to start.. you should do a post on it! Omorovizca looks like SUCH a good brand! xxx

  • Roxana

    I use clay mask and from La Roche-Posay the hydraphase intense masque

    • I need to get some more La Roche-Posay products as I’ve run out and they always work so well for me! I’ll have a look at that masque, thank you! xx

  • Steph

    Ooh yaaaz girl I am such a fan of the face masks – have you tried Fresh beauty mud mask? Forgot the exact name but it is my FAVE and just a great mask to curb break outs AND doesn’t leave your skin too dry. Big love for this post !

    • I haven’t tried ANY Fresh stuff but I really want to! xxx

  • Diana Maria

    I like how many different products you talked about. I’ve heard great things about using charcoal masks, I used it once for teeth whitening and it was so messy but since they’re face masks I’d give them a try!

    Sending light & love your way,

    My Lovelier Days

    • Ooh yes I’ve even heard of the charcoal toothpaste but I can’t say I’ve ever tried it! Thanks for reading lovely lady xxx

  • I don’t think I’m a mask person.. but I think that’s because I haven’t tried many. I really want to take a look on the ones you’ve mentioned!

  • Oooo these sound good!
    I used to think masks were gimmicky, but now I’m a big fan, and I think that’s because I’ve bought better (you know than those 99p single use ones – ugh), and also because I love the process!
    I love Lush ones, and there’s a BodyShop clay one I really like too!
    Oh, and a totally different type, but The Ordinary, Acid one is really good but a bit more extreme!
    Holly xxx ///

    • I really want to try the Lush ones, any you recommend? xxx

      • I’ve only used the catastrophe cosmetic (I think it’s called) and the most recent one maybe called Brazen Honey – it’s green and lovely!

  • Amy Eade

    I’d really like to try some Origins face masks, they sound lovely! I’m a sucker for Lush masks but never use them up in time!
    Amy xx

    • Which Lush masks are your fave? xxx

      • Amy Eade

        Cup o coffee is my all time fave and I love rosy cheeks too! xx

  • Goddess Clay Mask sounds pretty cool! I’m hoping it’ll do wonders for my skin 🙂

    Anika |

    • It is so good, a little goes a LONG way! A thin layer is all you need! xx

  • The Origins Charcoal Mask is currently on my to-try list. Great suggestions Natalie! xx
    Coco Bella Blog

    • Its one of my faaaves, and my sensitive skin has no problems with it either! 🙂 xxx

  • I absolutely love Drink Up Overnight Mask, I’ve just ran out so I must research it!

    The Makeup Directory

    • I’m tempted to try the non overnight version! xxx