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Self-care and self-developement books are my favourite thing to read, so narrowing it down for this post was so tough! I kind of stuck to a ‘positivity’ theme for this post, but let me know if you liked it and I’ll do a different version in a few weeks sharing some more favourites.


Read this if: you need a boost of positivity.

The Secret is all about the law of attraction, and how if you think and more importantly, live positively, you will attract even more positive things to come. I’ve tested this out, and guys, it does actually work. If you talk negatively, you will experience even more negativity than before. You know how when you’re having a bad day everything seems to go wrong? That’s a prime example of attracting what you are thinking about. You are so focused on the ‘bad day’ you’re having, you’re manifesting more of the same without even realising. Of course life isn’t always a bed of roses but The Secret is about appreciating and never taking for granted the good in your life. I really would say that this can be a life-changing decision if you are serious about it.


Read this when: you seem to be constantly ‘fed up’ or in a funk, and you want to something to bring back the happier you.

This is the most recent read, and I’m just devouring up this book. IT IS SO GOOD. Every page makes you want to hunt out the highlighters so you never forget these nuggets of wisdom. This isn’t a ‘stick your head in the sand and never let anything negative affect you’ book, it’s actually very realistic and acknowledges the fact that it’s impossible to be happy all the time. I’m currently reading one of the last chapters of the book all about being friendly with all of your emotions, not just the good ones. It’s one I’m going to keep on my bookshelf and read again in the future, after I’ve made my mum have a read of it of course!


Read this: if the little annoying things in life keep dragging you down.

This book is so popular, and for such a good reason. It’s the perfect read to dip in and out of every time you need a boost of motivation or inspiration. Every page is a different topic, such as great ways to start your day and focusing on the little moments of the day, which also means you don’t get a migraine trying to understand and remember all the information and advice, which can happen in some of these type of books. It really reminds you of the bigger picture, and that the fact that they didn’t text back shouldn’t ruin your whole day, you are worth so much more than that.


Have you read any of these?



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