Once again, I’m in a chatty mood. So I turn to the blog in the hopes someone might find this vaguely interesting (or is a bit nosey, like me) and talk about my fitness routine at the moment.

No-one has asked for this post, so I’ll keep it relatively short and sweet so as to not bore the socks off you and the dog.

Basically, I’m really enjoying the exercise routine I have now.

It’s flexible, but structured. Meaning I don’t get bored as I’m always doing something different, but also that if I need a day off, I can easily have one.

So what does it look like?

Monday nights, we have my yoga class, probably my favourite part of the week. It’s set in a little local Church meaning the vibe is SO calm and relaxing, plus it’s only a 2 minute walk away for me too.

On Wednesday evenings I hit the gym doing around 30 minutes of cardio, then spending some time doing different exercises with light weights, and mat body work such as planks, squats etc.

Fridays is swimming day! It makes me so happy that I now go every week, because there’s nothing quite like being in the water, for me anyway. I usually spend a good half hour in there, and let me tell you, swimming is NO JOKE. It makes me feel pretty damn tired afterwards and also, so so hungry that I must eat everything in sight.

For the rest of the week I either do a Yoga with Adriene video, or make up my own yoga practice on the mat. I always try to get on there daily as it does a great job of balancing me out, both physically and mentally. This routine really works for me, and doesn’t feel too little, or too much.

So there we have it! Loving this routine at the moment and long may it continue.


What’s your fitness routine looking like lately? I would be super interested to hear!


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