1. Its harder than you think,

You see all these pretty blogs and think sure I can do that! Well theres SO much stuff that goes into redesigning a blog that I’m *still* not sure what certain stuff means. I really struggled after purchasing my ‘domain name’ to actually move my blogger site over. I’ve got most of the stuff I wanted done now but there’s still a few issues I’m working on.


2. Google will be your best friend.

It really will be. Turns out, there’s some really helpful people out there and Google Help Forums are genius!


3. It doesn’t have to cost a fortune.

I think many people hire someone to do their blog re-design for them, but for me, I couldn’t really afford that. I bought my domain name for about £6.99 (pay monthly) from GoDaddy (they are super helpful too by the way). I then purchased a theme from Pipdig for £39 and that was kind of all my costs. So all in all, under £50 which I think is *really* good! If you can afford to hire someone and don’t fancy the stress, I would still probably recommend it. Especially if you don’t have the time it takes, which is a lot!


4. It really does pump up the inspiration and enthusiasm you have for your blog.

Now I’ve got my site nearly all sorted, I am SOOSO excited to put out more posts for you guys! I feel like my love for blogging has completely re-newed and I’m ready to start focusing on making it a little bit more than just a hobby I do in my spare time.


Whats your experience with blog re-design? I would love to know! 


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