Being inspired is probably, if not is, one of my favourite feelings. It’s like a colourful buzz that surronds my days and I feel like I could achieve whatever I want, the world is my limit and life is sweeeeet.

One of the hardest parts of the deal can be trying to hang on to it, so I’ve whipped up this post for you (and me to look back on whenever I need it) in how to make sure it sticks around…



The things that inspire me the most are usually outside. Nature, walking, seeing communities in their everyday haze, and slivers of sunshine. Walking the dog is always one of my favourite parts of the day, and I always use it as a time to step back from myself, and see the bigger picture. Whether that’s from a personal situation that’s clouding my gaze or a worry that is pointless thinking about, I always feel lighter afterwards.

I would say at least half the time I come back after being outside I usually have some kind of blog post idea lingering around..


What sets your soul on fire?

For me, that’s wellness, self-care, slow-living, mindfulness, yoga, authenticity, blogging etc. But recently I’m starting to become more and more interested in different topics too, such as travel, feminism and plastic comsumption.

The great part about it is that it doesn’t have to be just one thing, it can be whatever floats your boat.

Once you’ve find your bag, work out a way to do MORE of that.


The easiest, or hardest tip I have in this post, is practice. Act as if you are already inspired.

I truly believe the things that you think will determine your actions, and that determines your behaviour/life and so on.

Act how the inspired you would. Chances are if you believe it, its so much more likely to happen. Manifest that inspiration and see where it takes you.

How do you get and *stay* inspired?


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