A funk- something we can all relate to. When the brain feels foggy, you become unsure of yourself and your capabilities, and struggle to pull yourself out and be who you once thought you were. It’s a tough place to be, and hopefully after reading this post you’ll feel more able to get back to where you live best.



I think this is the most important thing. Stopping whatever is causing you to stress out is vital. Even if it’s not something you can stop doing (such as a work situation), trying to reduce the amount of mental time you spend on it really will help. Even if you can’t control how much time it takes up in your daily life, you can choose your thoughts. I tend to over-think everything, so especially when I’m going through a tough time, it only makes it worse. Getting a bit of space between you and what’s causing the upset will only make you feel better, trust me. Realising that in fact there are plenty of others things out there (that you still enjoy and are awesome at) is so refreshing and can really lift the fog a little.



Once you’ve given yourself a bit of a time-out, now is the time to make the change. Whatever is making you unhappy needs to be altered, in some way. You can’t go on like this forever. We all deserve to live the life we want. Whether its a relationship that needs some time being inputted into it or maybe you’re feeling pressured into writing blog posts you can’t connect with anymore? There is always a better way to do things that can only be found by you. Something needs to change. Maybe this is the time when you think you want to quit altogether, which leads me on to…



The ‘why’. Why you do it. Why you started. Why you have worked on it for such a long time, and what drives you. Does it make you truly happy? Maybe a part of it does, and you need to do that bit more, and the others less. What was the purpose and did you lose that along the way? Sometimes we all need a bit of a restructure to keep things fresh and interesting. We are humans, things change. If you don’t like being goal-led with numbers or figures, focus on different parts to it instead, how it makes you feel once you’ve completed it, the pride you feel that you were the one behind the idea. I find remembering why you started is so beneficial¬†and can inspire new ideas and motivations that you didn’t even know you had.


How do you get out of a funk?


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