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We’re a self-deprecating generation.

If we ever get praise we instantly reply with ‘yeah I did okay I suppose’. We try to belittle the achievement, like its not ‘that’ good or ‘that’ important. Even if its taken years to accomplish, we always think maybe next time, I’ll do it better.  I’m definitely not the type of person to say YEAH I DID BLOODY GREAT AND I’M PROUD, *high five me girl*

Putting ourselves down is our favourite past-time. And not only does the lack of confidence take it’s toll on our mental health, it’s also basically telling people that they have the wrong opinion of us, especially if its a positive one. That we don’t deserve their kind words.

It definitely feels a bit American to be your own cheerleader, but if we aren’t, who the heck is going to be?

Whether it’s giving yourself credit for coming back to life after a really bad time, or that you managed to squeeze in an extra gym session when all you wanted to do was get home and watch Gilmore Girls, make sure you reward your efforts and that they do not go unnoticed. I find treating myself to a bit of chocolate (the books say you shouldn’t reward yourself with food, but alas I do not care) or having a pamper night, it makes you feel so good and keeps you on the whole positive mind-track thing.

Even if its a Friday night and you’ve been dealing with a shitty colleague all week, give yourself praise for keeping your head high, sometimes it can feel like such a hard thing to do.

I’m starting to believe the kinder we are to ourselves, and the more credit we can give us, the more likely we are to keep on doing good things for others too. Which in reality, isn’t that what this whole life thang is about?

Do you find it hard to give yourself praise?


  • Amy Eade

    We’re all so self deprecating these days, I’m determined to make the effort to actually accept compliments rather than put myself down!
    Amy xx

    • It’s actually so nice when you accept them 🙂 xx

  • Laura Gosney

    I definitely don’t give myself enough credit. It was actually my new years resolution this year to stop being so hard on myself, but it hasn’t really worked out too well! I can beat myself up about that as well now haha. But voicing it and acknowledging it as something that I do to myself, has helped try to rectify the behaviour. I’m trying very hard to be more patient with myself.

    Laura x

    • Oh no, well there’s still a few months left to make it up to yourself! I struggle with being patient too xxx

  • This is definitely such an important post! Us humans have the tendency to never reward ourselves for when things are good and we have done well. I really wish growing up I would have been taught that it’s ok to big yourself up and praise yourself for how hard you’ve worked or even just managing to get by everyday. As you said, it is so important to give yourself that credit and boost yourself up from it xx

    Lauren |

    • I know, it sucks we were never taught mental health in school (well, I wasn’t anyway!) sometimes getting out of bed is a hard task on a bad day but when we manage it, we need to give ourselves praise xxx

  • Agreed – we should most definitely be kinder to ourselves. I’m still struggling with it sometimes, but it’s something I’m trying to be more mindful of – baby steps! After all, we really wouldn’t treat other people the way we treat ourselves sometimes..! xx

    • I think its something everything struggles from! Definitely not, I always think of why I say it to myself and not a family member! xx

  • lmfaoo, I’m american and don’t give myself credit for anything, aha. We definitely need to be more proud of ourselves and give ourselves more credit for all the amazing things we do ! Great post and reminder xx

    Melina |

    • Thank you so much! We all need to be kind to ourselves, especially in hard times xxx

  • I loveeee this post Natalie! I remember when I was younger whenever someone complimented me I would always fight back, like if they said “your hair looks nice” I’d just say “no its a mess!” or something and laugh it off. Now I’ve learned to accept compliments and just say thank you and credit myself a little more. It’s such a refreshing attitude to have!

    The Makeup Directory

    • Thank you so much Sally! I always did that too. If they said they liked my top I would say ‘it was in the sale! I’m not sure’ instead of just accepting the compliment xxx

  • I do find it hard sometimes… but I am trying harder to do so.
    I try to celebrate the small things, and treat myself just because!
    And I’m trying harder and harder at our cafe to do the hard thing of actually blowing my own trumpet!
    Great post love!!
    Holly xxx ///

    • I always love to celebrate the little victories, they brighten up everyday xxx

  • You have such an interesting perspective, I’d never thought about this before! I definitely put myself down even after I’ve done well. Someone will compliment my work and I’ll go “oh no, that? I only wrote it in 5 minutes” which is a completely lie because I know full well I spent at least an hour on it! We neeeed to stop putting ourselves down! x

    Georgia Megan

    • Thank you! I’m glad you enjoyed reading! Definitely all about giving ourselves praise, life is too short not to! xx