This month’s goals are a little different, but we’ll get to that in a minute. First, lets recap and see how June’s went..


Have fun! Well, June has been an unexpectedly really hard month with a lot of struggles due to family issues. Unfortunately not much fun as happened, but there has been some good days in there nonetheless.

Morning and evening meditations. I definitely did more meditation this month, but not quite morning and evening ones. For some reason this is something I always aim to do but never really manage it! It’s a shame but I have stuck to some kind of short meditation practice daily, which I’ve benefitted a lot from.

Find some new reads. I definitely did do this one! I’ve read some great books lately (I’ll share in a post soon I’m sure!) and I’ve got a big list of ones I want to read next which is exciting.



This month I’ve decided not to set myself any new goals. This is for a number of reasons, how I’m feeling at the moment with a lot going on, and another being that there isn’t anything I particually feel like aiming towards a lot in July. I’m excited to have a month off and come up with some really good ones I want to do in August, there’s no point setting luke-warm goals if you’re not passionate about them!

I’m hoping for a nice, calm and positive July, where things start to smooth out a little bit.


Do you have any goals for this month?


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