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You guys know I love a goal, so I wanted to chat about my goals for the rest of the year. You could be right in thinking that because 2020 has been, to be blunt, a complete shitshow, that it would be pointless in having any goals for the rest of the year. Just write it off. But, that’s not me. Goals keep me focused and feeling positive in my everyday life, I guess I just like something to work towards.

run a half marathon
This feels even crazy to write, never mind actually doing it! But I really enjoy running long distances, and I challenged myself a few weeks ago with a 15k (which was an experience!) so I’d love to go that bit further and reach 21k. It’s only 6k more but I know when I finished 15k I couldn’t imagine running any longer. So that’s something I might be able to manage later on this year hopefully, I’ve still got quite a few months left to work on it.

go back to the beach
We managed to visit the beach for a day last month, but I would love to go back before the end of 2020. Ideally, this is something I’m currently scouring the internet for in the next weeks, keep your fingers crossed for me though because theres not much availability anywhere anymore.

reach my goal of 100 books
I think I’m currently on my 76th book of the year, so I feel pretty confident that I’m going to manage this one and be able to hit my goal of 100 books. I’m surprised how far along I am but I think COVID-19 probably helped that, aswell as reading more on my kindle, because for some reason I read a lot quicker on there! I definitely won’t be setting myself a goal of 100 books every year, because its A LOT, but I want to hit it just once.

make plans for next year
Being honest, I’m not a great traveller in any sense of the word, and it’s not something I’m super passionate about. I’m a homebody afterall (not that you can’t be both, I’m just not). However I am CRAVING a holiday somewhere sunny and visiting a new place, so I’d love to start making some plans for next year so we have things to look forward to.

Do you have any goals for the later half of this year?


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