It’s time for another book post! If you want more details on what I’m reading recently, be sure to follow my new book Instagram here. If you missed last month’s post about great books, it’s here for you to read!

The First Time I Saw You 4.5/5

This is just the most perfect love story. Filled to the brim with heart, sorrow, and a couple you just keep rooting for until the end. Totally not ashamed to say this book made me cry. It is beautiful! Please please read it, even if you’re not one for a chick-lit novel.

The Woman I Was Before 4/5

This book definitely has Liane Moriarty vibes, and it’s just as good as her books I’d say. I flew through this. It’s a story about three women, each chapter is about each different women, a format I always love to read. A great twist near the end of the book too.

The Truths & Triumphs of Grace Atherton- 5/5

THIS BOOK. THIS BOOK. I devoured it. A story about a women’s life that is packed full of real raw moments and the complexities of life and love. Completely loved it. I haven’t heard anything about this online so I’m not sure what the deal is there, but I’ve got nothing but good things to say about it.


What have you read recently?


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