If I love a book, chances are is that I’m shouting about it! That’s why I like writing blog posts like this, so if anyone is on the lookout for recommendations they might like one or two of these.

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Oh this book is just a revolution. It is scarily accurate. A story of a new government in power where women are seen as the lesser sex, and given 100 word limits as communication. It made me so angry. It’s a book I’ve not stopped thinking about, and I kind of wish I could go back and read it again, so I’m jealous of all the people who haven’t read it yet! I’ve passed my copy straight onto my sister. The ending was a bit rushed, which I was disappointed about, but the story makes up for that entirely. Please read it. It’s now gone on the list of my favourite books of 2019.

Normal People

I really didn’t like Sally Rooney’s debut novel, Conservation with Friends, so I didn’t have particularly high hopes for this one either, but I was so pleasantly surprised. I ended up really loving this book and I didn’t want it to end. A story about a first love that you don’t forget when you’ve finished it. It’s wonderful.

The Perks of Being A Wallflower

I know I’m way behind the times with this one, but I picked it up at my local charity shop and thought I should probably give it a go. Reading it made me feel so nostalgic, in the way those ‘coming of age’ books usually do. It was heartwarming with touches of real rawness, confusion and all those feelings you felt as a teenager when you didn’t know what the heck you were doing. A book you will for sure relate to.


Have you read any of these?


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