Here’s some short (ish) reviews of good books I’ve read recently…

Never Greener- 5/5

I love love loved this book. It’s one I still think about now even though I’ve read nearly 10 books since. It’s all about romantic relationships and just how complex and challenging they can really be. It kept me hooked all the way through and I totally didn’t want it to end. Highly highly recommend!!!

Where’d You Go Bernadette- 4/5

I wasn’t sure what to expect picking this up, and even when I finished it I still wasn’t exactly sure on what happened, but I just had to keep reading because it was so interesting and unique. I know there’s a film coming out based on the book, which I definitely want to see. It’s a book I can’t really describe, and if you’ve read it before, you’ll probably understand me.

Maybe This Time- 4/5

I love anything Jill Mansell writes, so I knew I would enjoy this when I started it and it didn’t disapoint! Not as fluffy and light as you might imagine it would be, but a really lovely story with characters you totally root for and instantly warm to. I flew through this and looked forward to reading it every night.

The Cactus 4-5

I bought this book based on the Reese Witherspoon book club stamp of approval. It probably wouldn’t of been something I’ve of chosen originally, but I really enjoyed it. If I had to sum this book up I’d say it was exactly what I hoped Eleanor Ophilant would be, but wasn’t- for me anyway.


Here’s what I’m reading next…

Sweet Sorrow, by David Nicholls. I loved One Day, as heart-breaking as it was, so I’m really looking forward to what this book might bring.


What have you read recently? I’m always looking out for book recommendations!




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