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I’ve heard a lot about SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder) recently, and that’s thanks to people’s great posts. I must admit, before this year I didn’t know what it actually was. I remember going through a low period last Autumn but couldn’t put a place on it, and when I look at the symptoms, it seems very similar to what those who suffer with SAD have to deal with.

Now that I’ve worked out what was affecting me, I’m putting a little action plan in place so I have a happier Autumn this year.


Get in as much daylight as possible.

This is something I’m making a huge priority of mine as the dark nights roll in. The lack of sunlight really affects my mood and can make me feel very low, so as soon as I wake up I’m opening the blinds and getting out at lunch times for a quick stroll. There’s just something about the fresh air hitting your face, and making you feel free. Even when I’m tired and just want to watch Gilmore Girls on the sofa at 5pm, I’m forcing myself to go for one last little walk because I know I will get the benefit from it.

Try light therapy. 

This is something I’m yet to try but I know my stepdad has one which I’m going to ask to borrow. Apparently they work very well at mimicking real sunlight and provide the same benefits. I’m excited to give it a go and see if there’s a difference, I’ll let you know how I get on.

Looking forward to the little things. 

This isn’t just something I do for Autumn but most days. I’m planning on ramping this up this year and treating myself to little bits here and there. Whether that’s getting a new magazine to read on cosy nights in, or stacking up on a few sweet snacks, I’m not letting myself to feel guilty for it if it’s helping to make me smile. I find I always have a much more positive outset when I’m giving myself something little to look forward to each day.

Getting creative. 

I’ve really been enjoying posting new pictures on my Instagram recently, so I definitely want to keep that up and try new ways to capture images. I’m planning on making myself a new manifestation board as that’s something I find really works for me and I haven’t done one in years, my old one definitely needs sprucing up a little. I’m going to also order some new reads and get stuck into some self-development books. I think Autumn is the perfect time to invest a little more in your mental health.


Do you suffer from SAD? How do you keep happy during these months?


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