How I Cleared My Skin

I was never that girl that was born with good skin. Its just not in my genes unfortunately! As a teenager I had bad acne, and until a year ago (I’m 24 next month), I still had quite bad skin all the time. Now, and for the past year, my skin is looking better than ever so heres my tips…
*Please note, every skin and person is different. This is just what worked for me. *

Unfortunately I can’t find a picture when my skin was at my worst, but heres one I found of a usual picture of how it could be when it was calmed down a little. The picture on the right is my skin now with no products on, only moisturiser.

I’ve always been a huge water drinker so this one is easy for me to handle. On the days where I haven’t drunk as much as ideal, I notice my skin starts to look sallow and grey, purely because I’m dehydrated.
Sugar is a big one for me when it comes to breakouts. If I had a very sugar laden weekend, Monday morning I’m gonna wake up with spots- its like a done deal. I try not to eat too much sugar, but have a little ‘treat’ every day in some sort (usually some chocolate!). I find that way it doesn’t break me out at all and I still feel like I’m not depriving myself either. The healthier you eat 80% of the time, the better your skin will be!
Even now when my skin looks well, it always seems to benefit from a few make-up free days a week. Even if you can’t manage that, maybe just try and apply a bit of under-eye concealer and mascara, and let the rest of your skin breaaaathe. It will thank you for it.
This is something I’m super bad at but I try my best. Picking your skin is never gonna end well. Sometimes, the urge is too strong and you give in! Then in the morning, it doesn’t look as great. Letting it be is always the best way, if you can!
Those are my top tips how I cleared my skin!
Do you have any other tips that may be useful to anyone? Have you ever had acne or skin problems? xx
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