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Following on from last week’s productivity post, I thought it might be worthwhile if I shared with you today how I plan my week. Granted, this is a very personal routine so it may or may not look like your own week, but I hope it’s interesting nonetheless!

First up, I always have a rough idea of what I’m doing a week in advance, and the weekend before, I use my Circle Planner to plan my diary. This usually isn’t too extreme, aslong as I know what I’m doing on what days, is okay by me. I just need to have a good structure in place so I don’t feel overwhelmed.

The thing that first enters my diary, is work. I work 3 days a week at my mum and stepdads business, mainly doing office work and administration. These days can vary depending on what’s going on, for example if my sister is visiting etc. Next, is exercise. I like to know what days I’m planning on running, and especially if I’m doing a long run, I need not to go overboard on that particular day because I know I’ll need to rest and recover afterwards. Another thing I plan out is family visiting. On what days I will go and see my Dad, or visit my grandma. These are really important things to me that I want to always make sure I have enough time to do.

Those are the three main things in my week, and the rest come afterwards. Everything from food shopping, creativity time, and tidying the house I usually don’t plan in advance, and just fit it in when and as I can. I could properly be a bit more organised in this area, but at the moment I’m fine with it going how it is. If I get busier at work in the future, I know I’ll probably have to be more meticulous to make this smoother.

I like my weekends to be relatively quiet and unorganised, so I usually don’t plan much in advance, and just go with the flow for the weekend, depending on how I feel. So, that’s how I plan my week in a nutshell. In terms of daily routines, I like to use my Habit tracker on my phone which I really recommend.

What does your week look like, does it look similar to mine?


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