Its great that theres so many beauty blogs out there these days. However, you only need to go on your Bloglovin feed to see an abudance of expensive products, that may not be in your budget! Especially if you’re saving for something (like a wedding!) With all this in mind I had a brain-wave and wanted to compile a few tips…



If theres one particular product you’re lusting after, I think its totally fine to treat yo’self! I just try not to buy too much ‘meaningless’ stuff that I really DON’T need, then when I treat myself I feel like I’ve actually earned it, and deserve it. Plus, when you buy a luxury product it always feels so good! That packaging though, right?! Even if you can save £5 a week, in only a few weeks or so you’ll have enough to buy what your after. It will feel SO good when you get it too, and definitely be worth the wait.


I don’t think just because your a blogger, that means you have to buy new stuff ALL THE TIME. We have SO many products that we love, but because we’ve had them for ages, we have never spoken about them on our blogs before. As long as they are still available for other people to buy when they read your post, I think its such a good idea!


If you think you’ve got a good dupe for an expensive product that seems to be everywhere right now, why not blog about it? If you see certain trends that seem to be cropping up, see what you’ve already got in your stash to create your own version of the post. And of course, you could always mix it up with lifestyle and skincare posts too! I love writing about ALL sorts on my blog, as I see it as an extension of myself, which isn’t ALL about dreamy makeup 🙂 as pretty as they may be!

I really hope you liked this post guys! I would love to know how you blog if you’re on a budget?

  • I definitely think making the most of what you do have is such a good shout – just like you said, I have so many things I use daily but because I’ve had them for ages I’ve never mentioned them on my blog. I was just thinking this morning ‘oh I want to do a beauty post soon but I have nothing to write about’…this weekend I need to have a good look at what I actually have as there is loads I could blog about (they just might need cleaning up a bit first for photos haha).
    Sophie xxx | Sophar So Good

    • Oh girl, I took a flatlay the other day and after was thinking ‘I really should of cleaned that eyeshadow palette’ 😂😂 will be funny to see if you can guess which one I mean when it’s posted!

  • Maximising the use of what I already have is mostly how I budget too! You’ve got some really helpful tips here… You could always write up empties blog posts when you’ve finished using a product! That’s a good way of getting the most of your beauty stash I suppose 🙂

    Fatima x

    • Ohh I should of totally included that but completely forgot! Good tip girl! And also, products you couldn’t finish because you didn’t get on well with them!

  • I love all your tips. I get maximum use out of what I already own by using the same items for different posts. One lipstick might feature in a “What’s in my makeup bag?” post, or a seasonal post or a brand review post x

  • Lindsay Davison

    I spend too much sometimes – I definitely need to reign it it! Great post lovely xx

  • Amy

    i loved this post Natalie! I think there is a giant misconception out there that blogging is expensive but it’s totally what you make it! I’ve been maximising most of what I have for now and i honestly think it makes you need to be that little bit more creative 🙂

    Amy |

  • Shopping your stash is always a fab way to blog on a budget, I always have to remind myself this x

    Alice Anne // Annie Writes Beauty

  • I totally agree with all these tips! I think a big thing is maximising your own stuff, like you said. Sometimes it’s easy to get caught up in the whole “NEW RELEASES” but so many people write about them so it’s nice to be different and talk about lesser known products.
    Another thing I like to do is go to the drugstore when it’s having a sale and purchase a few products to review. 🙂 Loving your blog by the way!
    Holly x | |

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