I did a post on Reasons To Start A Blog but I realised I’ve never done a post on how to get started.

I know most of you probably have your own blog already, but just incase you don’t and are thinking about one, heres how to start a blog (in my words anyway)…



That is the reason you want to start a blog. Sorry to tell you but if it’s for free products then you’re probably not going to get on too well, it takes *years* to build up a repututable blog.

So why do you want to start. Is it to share your interests? To document your life? You’ll most likely have a gut instinct on what yours is, and when you do hold on to it tight and let’s make it happen. You won’t regret it, I promise. Starting a blog feels so exciting.



Choosing a name for your blog can be tricky, and if in doubt I would say just go with your own name. Most of the time people end up rebranding back to that again anyway, and it can diffuse confusion.

I would also highly recommend buying your own domain, but can be a bit pricey but is SO worth it. You can also pay monthly for it too, I got mine from Godaddy and I also use their stats trackers and WordPress plugin too.



It can be very tempting to start writing immediately and launching your posts out there into the Blogosphere willy nilly. Instead, start planning out a post structure in your journal and spend a few days thinking about the content you want to write.

There’s no rush. You could even write posts and not publish them if you want to flex your writing muscles and see where your creativity takes you.



The final thing!

Of course all of these are optional and totally dependant on what you actually want to do, but the blogging community is so awesome you would regret not getting involved! Don’t be intimidated, everyone is super friendly and welcoming.

Blogger chats, starting an Instagram and reading other bloggers posts are all great ways to interact with others and you will also gain engagement on your blog too.

Are you thinking about starting a blog? Or if you already have one, how long have you been blogging for?

  • These are some great tips!

    Candice |

  • Courtney Hardy

    These are really good tips. I wish i got some help like this when i first started.

    • I do too I must say! I didn’t really read anything out there before I started one xxx

  • I definitely think the more you put into blogging the more you get out of it and the best way to do that is to interact with the community. I always love blogging so much more when I’m reading lots of blogs and chatting on social media. Lovely tips!

    The Makeup Directory

    • It’s such a lovely community isn’t it! I love chatting with everyone x

  • These tips is very helpful. Thank you!

    xx Freja

  • Definitely wish I had spent a bit of time building up a few posts and a content schedule before hitting publish on my first one! I just went for it and have been running behind ‘plan’ ever since haha. That photo at the top is gorgeous! xxx

    Sophie | Sophar So Good

    • I wish I had read and immersed myself it in a bit more when I started too! Your blog is doing great gal. xx

  • I think interacting is major. The blogosphere is such a brilliant community and it makes such a difference when everyone is supporting each other!

    Sharni |

  • This would have been so useful to me before starting a blog! Great advice! xxx

    • I wish I had researched a bit more when I originally started mine! x

  • I think that it is so important to go at your own pace, just take it steady and one day at a time!

    Danielle xx

    • Definitely, there’s no rush to the final line! x