Now that we’re back from holiday, I’m ready to start getting myself prepared for Autumnal and all the cosy weather it brings. It definitely is the homiest season of all I think, so I’ve made myself a little bunch of notes about how I want to make the most of it going forward.


I’m sure that I’m not the only one obsessed with Mrs Hinch’s Instagram stories, and it’s definitely made me want to start thoroughly cleaning everywhere. I’d like to think I’m a pretty clean person and I can’t live in a messy house, but there’s also those jobs you avoid because you know you can’t be bothered with it. Like the back of the cabinets, eeesh. We’re actually headed to B&M this weekend to stock up on supplies which I’m excited about. Is this what it means being an adult? Plus, cleaning always makes me feel better for some reason, I pop on a podcast and find it really therapeutic (don’t tell Dan this or he’ll never clean anything again!)


I’m planning on doing another slow living post soon, because it’s something that’s been on my mind lately, but this Autumn I really want to embrace rest and a slow lifestyle. That doesn’t mean I don’t have any plans and stay at home all day, but more that the plans I do have, making the most of them and approaching them with a sense of calm. Not rushing from destinations, and using that 2 hour train journey as a place for some ‘me-time’ where I read and rest, instead of it just being another commute.


Christmas is my favourite holiday, and as it will be our first as a married couple, it’s got me thinking about different options that we can do. Last Christmas was far too stressful for me personally, and I’m learning that seeing 4 different families in one day is just a bit too much, so this year I want to do it a bit differently, and enjoy the day as much as possible. I also really want to start sending out personalised Christmas cards as a little tradition!

I think around this time of year it’s always a good option to have a sit down and a good think about how far you’ve come, and what goals you still want to achieve. Maybe I’ll do another post on this talking about mine?


Yep, I’m going there! In my opinion, we never treat ourselves enough. Whether that’s picking ourselves up a bunch of flowers and not feeling lame about it, or giving ourselves the pleasure of an early night or a restful morning. Autumn is the perfect season to incorporate an extra bit of self-care.

I’m booking myself a massage which I like to try and get every 3 months, and I treated myself to my nails doing on holiday which was lovely too. I also want to get a few cosy things for the house to embrace this Autumnal period, like new candles, new loungewear, and maybe a throw for the sofa. My bank balance won’t be happy but I definitely will be!

How are you embracing Autumn?

  • Amy Eade

    It’s odd but I always feel more inclined to have a deep clean in Autumn than in Spring! I’ve already started and I feel soooo good for it!
    Amy xx

    • NatalieLeanne

      Its actually life changing I swear!

  • I will sure be embracing rest since the darkness that arrives earlier every evening tells my body it’s time to sleep at already 8pm. I love sleeping and just lying in bed for a whole day but not so much that I’d like to do it 9 months in a row πŸ˜€

    xx Teresa |

    • NatalieLeanne

      I do love a cosy evening!

  • I hope you had a lovely lovely time away! I’m a big advocate of treating ourselves to little comforts and candles and loungewear seem like perfect autumnal pick-me-ups! Really looking forward to the new season now after reading this post πŸ™‚

    Milenka x
    Blushing Lately

    • NatalieLeanne

      Aw thank you so much for reading Milenka!

  • I haven’t been on here in a hot minute. Congratulations on getting married and I am so glad that you went away on holiday. I know you’ve mentioned in the past that you were scared of flying and it’s lovely to see you tackle that fear as I’m scared of flying too!

    Autumn is the perfect season to treat yourself isn’t it? It’s the best season in my opinion! xx
    Coco Bella Blog

    • NatalieLeanne

      Thank you, I definitely plan to write about it once I feel I can do it justice so maybe that will help you in the future πŸ™‚

  • I love treating myself at this time of year. I’m also on a candle hunt so if you find any good ones let me know. I’m feeling a pumpkin spiced scent on the cards this year!


    • NatalieLeanne

      Yes bring on the pumpkin! I feel like a trip to Homesense needs to happen!

  • The Sunday Mode

    I absolutely love that you are treating yourself more often, I’m trying to do that too without feeling stupid or lame about it as well. I’m just trying to get it to become more of (hopefully) a habitual thing.

    Julia // The Sunday Mode