To me, it feels like spring is truly on its way. The buds are coming back to life, and the sun is finally returning to its rightful place. Spring is one of my favourite seasons, I love the feeling of inspiration and the fact that everything seems to be refreshed and renewed, so with that in mind I want to talk about how I’m getting ready for it, both in the house, and mentally too.



Since we’ve got back from holiday, my bedtimes have got so much better (a positive of jet-lag) I’ve been getting into bed and falling to sleep much earlier, which means I wake up earlier too. I definitely hibernated a little during Winter, but now the mornings are brighter I don’t mind embracing it and rising that bit earlier. Plus it means I get so much more done in a day that I don’t feel as overwhelmed either.


You knew this one was coming right? I’ve always liked to keep the house clean and (relatively) tidy, but there’s just something about Spring that makes me want to make sure the place is in the best shape possible. That means getting into all those little corners I try to avoid looking at, and doing daily whip rounds so I can keep on top of everything. Overflowing laundry basket, I’m looking at you.


I know it’s only been a few months since the New Year, but with one season under our belt, I want to re-evaluate my attitude and see if I’m still on track with how I want my year to go. For 2019 I want to focus on living a fun filled life, and not underestimating myself. So far, I think I’ve done that pretty well. Making plans for the rest of the year is also something I’m keen to work on, as I always enjoy having something to look forward to. Even if it’s justĀ  making sure me and Dan have a movie night at home once a month with our phones off, it really benefits our relationship and I need to remember that.


I’m planning on a few small wardrobe changes, incorporating florals back into my clothes AND Instagram, and (hopefully) cooking some new veggie dishes too. I ate so so well and such a vegetarian balanced diet whilst we were on holiday, that coming home and eating ginger nuts isn’t really cutting it anymore. It’s something I’m still working out as cooking for one can feel a bit of a struggle, but in the next few weeks maybe I’ll have it sorted out.


How are you getting ready for Spring?


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