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I think spending what will be, 6 weeks minimum in lockdown will have an effect on us all at some point, won’t it? I know for sure it’s made me realise quite a few things, whether that’s personality traits that I have, things I used to do before all this happened. I really don’t want this to come off across as like lockdown hasĀ to teach us anything, or come across like I’m one of those super productive beings who never has had down days during this, because that’s definitely not true. I’m feeling such a range of emotions every single day, as I know you are too. Anyway that being said, I wanted to reflect on a few things I’ve realised since this all started.

home is still my happy place

Even though we’re spending so much more time at home now than ever before, I still love being at home. I’ve always been a homebody, but I do like to go out and about everyday, because lets be honest, it makes coming home even better. I can tend to get a bit stir crazy spending too much time at home, so I’ve been keeping myself occupied by doing lots of baking, painting, yoga etc. which definitely helps.

we are all the same

I know some of us are in different situations to others (a massive shout-out to any key workers out there who are on the front-line) but one thing this pandemic has made me realise is that we are all exactly the same. Everyone going outside their houses for the 8pm #clapforcarers every Thursday just really gives me a great sense of community, and reminds me that we are all trying our best right now, and hoping for the best outcome possible.

slowing down can be a good thing

Now that we’ve been at home for the last few weeks, it’s definitely made me slow down more, as I’m sure it maybe has for you too. To be quite honest, I’ve enjoyed not feeling rushed about making sure weekends are packed with activities, and just having a slow morning spend pottering around at home instead. Running around trying to achieve everything in one day suddenly doesn’t happen anymore, and it’s kind of nice in a way. When this is all over, that’s something I want to really remember and try to keep going when I’m able to.

Has this lockdown made you realise anything?


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