I’ve definitely had a little bit of a lifestyle switch this year, and I thought I’d pop up a post today all about the things I’m making more time for. All of these things are nourishing me in different ways, and I’m so happy I make them more of a priority than they once were.



I’ve always had a pretty consistent practice, but over the recent few months I’m really making sure to tune into my body, and see what it needs on that particular day. I’ve started booking in half an hour slots in my diary for me to get on my mat, and having that time to myself feels like a luxury. To me, yoga is the gift that keeps on giving.



As I mentioned in a previous post, I’m making more of an effort to get cooking in the kitchen! I usually pop on a podcast or something in the background which stops me getting bored, because lets face it cooking can be a bit dull, and I LOVE the feeling of eating fresh, home-made food. It really satisfies me and there’s nothing quite like it.



I know, right. Who am I anymore?! But seriously, spending time with the right kind of people makes me feel uplifted and so happy! Whether that’s arranging a mid-week coffee and cake date, or going out for a meal with Dan every now and again, it feels good to socialise. Plus, it makes coming home even better after a busy day!



Now don’t get me wrong, this isn’t an everyday occurence and I love nothing more than it still being mid-day and I’m in my pyjama’s, but making the effort with my new hair cut, and mixing up my make-up bag really puts a spring in my step. When I look good, I feel good too.


What are you trying to make more time for lately?




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