If you’ve followed me online for while, you know I absolutely adore everything to do with creativity. I really do think it’s an important thing to factor into your life, so for todays post I thought I’d give you a little insight into why I love it so much…



  1. It makes you feel good. When you’re in a creative flow, you suddenly see everything with a fresh pair of eyes, a child-like wonder of curiosity. It significantly increases happiness levels, and there’s nothing quite like the joy of making something with your own hands.
  2. It brings you into the present moment. At that moment, you’re not thinking about tomorrow’s to-do list or the mountain of washing to do, you’re completely living in the present. I think creativity is totally a form of mindfulness, and I know for sure that it definitely quietens my busy whirring brain. I usually find that whenever I have a dilemma going on, taking my mind off it for a few hours and doing something creative can really help, and because it’s so therapeutic, I leave with a clearer head and direction I didn’t have before.
  3. It can be anything. I used to think being creative meant that you had to go to Art School and be a world-class drawer, but thankfully, I’ve come to learn that’s not the case at all. Creativity can be found in oh so many forms. From adult colouring books, knitting, and even making up a new dish for dinner, creativity is all around us. Plus it’s free too, a bonus point in my eyes.
  4. It’s unique. In a world where comparison is rife and it’s so easy to have a look at what everyone else is doing, to me, creativity is like a middle finger to that, and bringing your own game in the playing field. There are no rules, and no ‘shoulds’. You can just do what feels good.
  5. Plus, sometimes it looks pretty too 😉 Because what is Instagram for if not for showing off your creative props?



Ways you can be creative without even realising it:

  • Planning your weekend
  • Painting your nails
  • Choosing your outfit
  • Dancing and singing in your kitchen
  • Cooking a meal
  • Re-organising your shelves


What’s your favourite way to be creative?


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