I always love seeing these posts by other people, so I wanted to do my own update of what I’ve been consuming lately. What isn’t better than watching Netflix with a cup of tea and an afternoon snack, am I right? I want to give a massive shout-out to Panasonic for working with me on this post. How good does the Panasonic bluetooth waterproof speaker look? I know Dan would love one so I’m definitely putting it on my Christmas list for him!


I mentioned on my Instagram the other day that I’ve started re-reading the Harry Potter books. It’s been years since I read them, and to be honest I can’t remember all that much about any of them (apart from the first one). I’ve just finished book 2 and I’m absolutely loving disappearing into the magical world of wizardry every day!



In terms of TV, obviously Love Island. Where Netflix is concerned, we’ve just finished Season 2 of Sneaky Pete which was really good and definitely worth a watch. I’ve finished Grace & Frankie too which is one of my favourites. We’re also really loving The Good Place which is a light-hearted comedy that we’re speeding through at lightening pace at the minute. Plus it’s only 20 minutes so watching 2 episodes whilst having dinner doesn’t feel too long.



I’ve done a few posts on it before, but basically, podcasts are my jam. I listen to them every single day, whether that’s on a dog walk or cleaning the house, they’re usually my go-to. In terms of recent ones I’ve discovered so I’m not repeating myself, I’m obsessed with Hashtag Authentic by Sara (super excited to listen to her new one with the amazing Jen Carrington), The Fringe of It by Liv and Charlotte and There Are Other Ways by Fiona Barrows.


What are you reading, watching and listening to lately? I would love to know!


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