It feels like ages since I’ve done a post like this and I always love reading about other peoples recommendations, so lets crack on..



As usual, I’m still working my way through the latest seasons of Dynasty (I know, how much can one person talk about a TV show?). I’ve even got my sister obsessed too so I can have daily conversations about it.

We’ve just watched Turn Up Charlie on Netflix but to be honest I don’t think I’d recommend. We’re going to start Dead To Me next and the trailer looks good so I have high hopes. We’re actually struggling to find a good TV show we can both watch together but we do have a new season of Sneaky Pete to binge.


I feel like I’ve read some great books lately! I loved The Shape Of Us which was a really great fiction read about different lives and relationships, and how they interlace. Eat Drink Run has helped hugely with my running mojo, and I’ve also just finishing reading The Overdue Life of Amy Byler which was a fab chick-lit too.

The last few days I’ve started Girl Boss and I’m enjoying it so far. It’s an easy funny read which leaves me feeling pretty inspired about being a woman.

I’ve always been loving Red magazine on my London commutes which is becoming one of my favourite magazines!


I┬álistened┬áto The Fringe of It episode with H&M and sustainability, and it really opened my eyes up to the brand in general and the positive steps it’s making.

I’m obsessed with the Yoga Girl podcast, which I’ve always listened to but these days I’m looking forward to new episodes even more.

I’m half way through the She can She did podcast episode with Lauren Aston who I love online, definitely check out stuff out, she makes gorgeous knits and has a super good Instagram too!


What are you watching/listening or reading lately?


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