When I think back to last Autumn/Winter, I was running around frantic all over the place to fill my time with exciting weekend plans, putting all my eggs in making content and trying to be liked and be the same as everyone else. If she’s going to a Christmas market, I must go to one! If they’re uploading every day, should I do that too?

Now, I feel like I can reflect back on that time with a greater sense of peace. Don’t get me wrong, I still have my days (sometimes weeks) but on the whole, this year has been a massive learning curve for me. I’ve learned what I need to do more of (have a routine, not too much time by myself or I feel down) and what I need to do less of (pushing myself to do things I don’t want to). That’s also not to say that I’ll never feel overwhelmed again, but I know the things I need to do to get myself back on track- see my well-being toolkit post for that one.

Instead of desperately trying to jam-pack every day with things I should be doing, and then feel burned out afterwards, I’m having a season of rest.

This doesn’t mean that I sometimes don’t worry that I’m not being productive enough (I definitely do) or that I’m being lazy compared to everyone else, but I know at this moment in time, it’s what I’m craving the most, both physically and emotionally. I’m not sat on the sofa all day everyday, but I also don’t have any busy weekends planned, and that’s A-Okay by me.

After a wonderful, magical and extremely busy summer, I know that I now need time to focus on myself a little more, and to rest and recuperate doing things that fill my cup back up.

For me that means lots of walking and making the most of this daylight, stretchy and gentle yoga, afternoon runs followed by pyjama evenings, and doing all the creative hobbies that I adore like painting, taking photos for Instagram, and embroidery. Eating hearty food. Spending time with family and cosy candle-lit reading. Some days that might end up in me being bored and wishing we had adventures to go on, but for right now, rest looks good to me.


Are you in a season of rest like me too? 


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