Does the world need another blog post on self-care? Probably not. Am I going to write one anyway? Heck yeah.

Because to me, in my life, self-care is so, so important. In fact, I’d go as far as to say pretty vital. Without it, things can soon start to go downwards and you can get to a point where it can feel tough everyday to pick yourself up.

Self-care can also come in so many forms. Both physical, and mental. And also those things that you might not even associate it with either.

Self care can be more than early nights and bubble baths, but it can also be those things too.

Self care can be more than an exercise routine and eating healthily, but they do matter.

Sometimes self-care is making that appointment you’ve been putting off for months, or making yourself go interact with other humans even though you might not feel like it, but you know you’ll feel better after you do.

Self care can be choosing your battles, and self-care can be knowing that they’re sometimes not yours to face.

I make self-care a priority by choice. You can bet at some point in every day, there will be a bit of self-care included. I organise it in my diary like I do everything else.

Do I ever feel selfish by giving myself so much valuable time? Of course, and writing that sentence out sounds ridiculous. Surely I can give myself as much time as I want? Who knows, maybe that’s another blog post in itself.

I hope this post encourages you to think a little bit about your own self-care journey, and maybe you’ll realise how valuable that could be. I think it’s something everyone has struggles with, we’re definitely not alone here.


What’s your version of self-care?



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