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I definitely didn’t grow up as the most confident person, and have struggled with it a lot. I feel like over the past year I’ve become more confident in myself (albeit I’m still not all the way there), and it’s all down to these little things..


The way we talk to ourselves is so so important. I really try to work on talking positively and being kind to myself. I regularly do affirmations which always makes me feel better, I don’t read them out loud, just saying them to yourself in your head works too! Even if we’re in a situation where we are the ones to blame, try to work out the positives and what you’ve learned is always a good thing.


Sometimes the best way to be confident is to fake it. I’m a fairly shy person in real life, but in situations where I feel nervous I always cope better when I’m putting on a confident front. In some cases my BF looks at me really surprised when he sees me being very confident and chatty in social situations, because it’s what I’m far from. It’s not trying to be something you’re not, it’s just a little boost if all else fails.


We all have those little things that give us confidence. For you it may be rocking a red lip, for me it’s wearing something I’m comfortable in. Maybe you have to give yourself a mini pep talk before an important morning, if it works, do it. I like to imagine the situation I’m going to be in going well, it really comforts me. This sounds silly too but confidence really does start to improve when you get a bit older. Maybe its the life experience you have behind yourself, or you get more familiar with situations.


It sounds a bit cheesy doesn’t it? But I really rate it. Honestly, I have lists of things I like about myself in my phone & notebooks, and once I start writing them down I always feel a bit more of pep in my step, and that actually, I’m pretty awesome. 😉


How do you gain self-confidence?


  • Laura Emilia

    Good tips! I need to start doing affirmations more, and maybe start writing a happiness/gratitude journal as well. I always start it but never seem to keep it going – I need to find some kind of motivation for it somewhere cause I think it could really make a difference! x

    Laura // Middle of Adventure

    • I love my gratitude journal! It really helps me stay positive xxx

  • These are some great tips! Thanks for sharing this post lovely xx

  • Such a lovely, positive post! I do think that confidence comes with age and experiences as well!

  • These are such wise and caring self care and confidence boosting tips. I will definitely try and implement all of these into my life whenever I can. Recently having started my new venture of teaching children to ride, I find right before a session, my confidence takes a plummet and I have a ‘I can’t do this!’ moment – often because I am required to be ‘the leader’ which isn’t something that comes naturally! – but with a little positive affirmation book at my desk, and a quick read, I am instantly back to believing in my capabilities again! Thank you for sharing all the little tricks you use to believe in yourself and feel confident. I am glad they help you too. Xxx
    Keep calm and Start Writing ~

    • Oh that’s lovely, I can imagine how you would feel but I bet all those little ones look up to you and think you’re awesome! xx

      • Very kind of you to say. Thanks so much. Xxx

  • I LOVE THIS SO MUCH! It makes me so happy to see people practicing self-love. You go girl!

    Bethany | Curly and Wordy

  • I go by the saying ‘fake it til you make it’, I think it really helps at boosting your confidence and getting you where you want to be!

    Lucy | Forever September

    • It does! And it can feel so strange when you’re not in your comfort zone, but in reality no one will even notice!

  • Definitely all for the fake it until you make it! I used to be really shy but I’ve been thrown into enough situations now that I am just used to it!! x

    • I feel like I just play a more confident version of myself! And being thrown into it gives me no time to over-think it which is great too!

  • Maria 🇬🇧🇷🇺

    I can totally agree with doing little things that make me feel good, whether that’s wearing my favourite outfit or lip colour. And positive affirmations can do wonders whenever I am having one of ‘those days’ where the confidence just isn’t there. Thank you so much for these tips girl!

    Maria |

  • This is such a lovely post! I love the idea of listing your best qualities and it’s definitely something I’m going to try and do more of! xx

  • Kelsey

    Self confidence is something I really struggle with and have since I was in high school, and I think the thing that helps the most is doing the things that make me happy and feel good about myself! On the not so good days, I usually spend a little extra time curling my hair or wear something that may not be the most fashionable but it’s comfortable to me. It’s important we put ourselves first when it comes to things like this!

    • Definitely, confidence can sometimes come with enough practice and being in the situations again! x

  • I have terrible anxiety among other things and it really tends to affect my self confidence. These are great tips that I usually following myself! Affirmations do the world of a difference to your mindset on a daily basis. Great post Natalie xxx

    Melina |

    • Anxiety can affect so many things can’t it? Sometimes you don’t even realise! xx

  • I love this! I’m all about faking it until you make it, I’m quite shy, but I really try and throw myself into social situations and hope for the best haha!xx

    Hannah | luxuryblush