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I truly believe that its the little things in life that are the big things.¬†Whenever I feel a bit down in the dumps I write myself a little list like this one below, and as soon as I’m finished I feel happier already. I’ve decided to share this particular list with you guys, try it- it works!

  • Porridge with honey on a dark Autumnal morning
  • When the sun comes out when I’m walking Harvey
  • Great customer service
  • When someone tells you they really enjoyed one of your posts
  • The feeling of falling asleep
  • Kind people
  • Getting into a bath
  • When a great song comes on the radio, one of my favourites is Dancing In The Moonlight
  • Pizza
  • Cosying up in a blanket
  • The first cup of tea of the day
  • Getting into a good book
  • The feeling after you’ve washed your hair
  • Gilmore Girls
  • A fresh manicure
  • Reading a quote that describes exactly how you feel.
  • Buying a magazine
  • A clean tidy house


I would love to hear what is something that has made you smile recently?


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