I always love reading other peoples book recommendations, they probably are the number one thing that influences what book I read next, so heres another post on what I’ve been reading recently..


Girl boss 4/5

I’ve watched a few episodes of the show Girl Boss, but like many others I found the girl a bit annoying, so I didn’t bother continuing it. I wanted to give the book a try though because I’d heard good things about it, and see how it differed. Turns out, I loved this book! It was funny, relatable and honest, and Sophia’s personality shone through the pages. Plus it’s one of those reads where you end it feeling like a bad-ass feminist.

Nine perfect strangers 3/5

I’m pretty sure I’ve read all of Liane Moriarty’s books, so when a new one comes out I always get it immediately. I really enjoyed the whole book apart from near the end when it just got a bit too far-fetched for me. It was all a bit weird and I didn’t think it needed that particular ending. If you want to read any of her books, I’d definitely recommend starting with Big Little Lies (it is amazing!) and What Alice Forgot.

Dear Lily 3/5

I loved Drew Davies last book so I picked up this one, and I enjoyed it just as much I’d say. I loved that it explored the ‘sister’ relationship which is something obviously very close to me, I kind of guessed immediately where it was going but it was still a nice read that I’d recommend. A laid back book that you can just zone out with, and get through it pretty speedily.

How Do You Like Me Now 3.5/5

I very nearly gave this 4 stars, but there were some parts of the book I found the main character, Tori, rather annoying and made poor decisions (if you’ve read this, you’ll probably know what I mean). Overall though, I did really enjoy this book and I liked how the story ended up. I’d love to read a sequel to this, as seeing what happens next would be really interesting now I’m invested. I also really liked how honest this book was, it didn’t sugarcoat parts of reality in terms of the conversations you have with yourself, something I think we can all relate to.



  • I’ve just picked up I Heart Hawaii which I think is the last in the Lindsey Kelk series. I love love love all of the ‘I Heart’ books so I’m really excited to read it! Although I’m positive it will make me want to go on holiday IMMEDIATELY.


What have you read recently?


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