I’m coming to you with another real-time, freshly squeezed blog post this Friday evening. I just felt like writing, so here I am! I do really enjoy this part of blogging, how it feels to set up camp on the sofa with the patio doors open, and chat to a bunch of friends, which you readers are to me. Anyway, dinner’s in the oven (vegetarian lasagne if you’re interested) so I better crack on..


Let’s start with listening, because this morning the new Taylor album came out. If you didn’t know, I’m a die hard Swiftie and have been since a teenager. Me and my sister have been to see her four times now, and hopefully a fifth next year if she tours. I feel like I need a good few hours listening to the album to see my true favourites, but so far they are Lover (of course, I think that might be my top favourite), I Forgot You Existed, and Paper Rings.

In terms of podcasts, I’ve discovered ‘Things You Can’t Ask Yer Mum’ and I’m loving it. I think because they are both northern (which many podcasts I listen to aren’t) it feels really comforting and like having a catch up with mates. They discuss some really great topics and I love that the podcast length is about 30 minutes, so I can always listen to them when I’m on a run.


To be honest, I’ve not been watching a lot lately. I’ve nearly finished Jane The Virgin on Netflix which I totally don’t want to end, and I’ve just started season 2 of Marvellous Mrs Maisel which I loved the first series of. Any Netflix recs for me?


I finished David Nicholls Sweet Sorrow, which didn’t live up to One Day for me, but in the end I did enjoy it. Last night I finished The First Time I Saw You and I really loved it, I ended up flying through it in a couple of evenings. I’ve just actually uploaded my five favourite fiction books on my Instagram stories which I’ll link here ! If you’re reading this live they will be there, or just look on my ‘book’ highlights after 24 hours.


What are you reading/listening/watching lately?


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