Just to give you a bit of ‘my skin’ backstory: I’ll keep it short because it’s not the most enthralling of stories is it now?

I’ve always had oily/combination/sensitive skin since I was a teenager, (good skin isn’t in my genetics) and I went on prescription for acne tablets and treatments which worked. Since then it has never been *as* bad, but I did go on the pill a few years ago because it was getting a bit out of control again. And again, that works really well for my skin too.

There are definitely lifestyle choices that keep my skin staying clear (it’s the best it has ever been) and I wanted to share them in today’s post incase it helps anyone out.



I’ve always drunk a lot of water since I was a child, we never had fizzy drinks or even orange juice in the house so it’s always been my go-to. It’s extremely rare that I’m ever dehydrated, but on the few times I have been I’ve always noticed how much more sallow my skin looks.



I’m not a sweets person, but chocolate is my gal. I try to make healthy choices and stick to one chocolate treat per day, and that way I still get my fix and a whole¬†load of sugar intake doesn’t give me any blemishes, which is definitely does if I’ve been going crazy on it. Of course some days it is harder to resist than others!



I’ve wrote about my simple skincare routine and products that never let me down so I’ll link that post here and here but I always find a more stripped back, simple routine does me well and doesn’t overload my skin with different products and textures. It just keeps my skin having a healthy glow.



Without fail, I get a few small spots cropping up around that time of the month, so I try to add a toner to my skincare routine on most nights of that particular week. Most times it can usually be too harsh for my skin. I try not to stress on it too much because I know that will only make it worse and they do go away.



As gross as it is, I’m definitely a picker and always have been. This past year I’ve started being really strict with myself and not touching it as much, especially not when I have a blemish or problem area. It really makes it SO much more and takes a lot longer to disappear when it’s been messed with. It can be so hard to just leave it alone but after lots of teenage scars, I know it’s the right step to take!


Have you suffered with bad skin? 


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