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Well, this seems a bit familiar doesn’t it? I don’t know about you, but the last 6 months still seem like some kind of diaster movie to me. It’s hard to believe that we went through what we went through, AND that we’re still going through it.

I think we all knew a second wave *I hate typing that so much* was bound to happen when people disrespected the boundaries set (not that they were even clear to begin with to be honest). It still baffles me that you could go abroad for a holiday in the midst of a global pandemic, but lets not go into that. (Unless of course you had medical/personal emergencies, I’m more talking about the celebrities in 5 star hotels for a summer fiesta).

Personally, things this time have been really tough due to some family illnesses, but we’re hopeful that things are now finally starting to look up. When this all happened in March, my life really didn’t change that much, to be honest. I know a lot of you might relate? But after 6 months, even if I don’t want to go to x, y and z, I would like the option to. If that makes sense? I’m a homebird at heart, but sometimes it’s nice to go out and have a change of scenery, and it makes coming home that much sweeter. When the news talks about all of this lasting well until 2021 and even beyond that, it does feel suffocating.

I know particular towns and cities are starting to lockdown and tighten their restrictions at the moment, and I’m hoping we don’t go to another full national lockdown again, and not just for my own sake, but for the health and well-being of everyone elses too, and their businesses. Definitely having your own company 24/7 7 days a week 4 weeks a month is not healthy. We need others to survive and live a happy healthy life, that’s just the way the world works.

Things that are helping me at the moment is escaping into different things such as Instagram, books and Netflix, and not consuming anything within those realms that are too heavy, I need light and frothy content at the moment. Escaping into another world right now seems pretty awesome to me.

How are you feeling right now?


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