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thinking.. I couldn’t just write a blog post without talking about the Black Lives Matter movement, and the horrific news of what is currently going on, and has always been going on without us noticing in the world. The tragic death of George Floyd, Breoanna Taylor and many others has opened up our eyes in a way that they have probably never been open before. I hope as a nation, and as a world we now start to do the work and change, so this never has to happen again.

learning.. I have learnt so much recently, and I know I have so, so much more to learn. There has been so many insightful IGTV videos online that has taught me more than I’ve ever been taught in school, and I feel so grateful for black content creators for allowing us into their space to learn, when they shouldn’t be the ones to teach us in any way.

reading.. I’ve just finished Queenie which I loved and would recommend to everyone. I have a long list of other books I want to read which will help me in supporting the Black Lives Matter movement.

sharing.. I’ve been sharing the links I found on my Instagram stories, but I’m also going to leave some really important links at the end of this blog post, if you would like to take action, read, share, or sign.

talking.. I’ve been having lots of uncomfortable conversations with loved ones lately, some with good parts, others not as great. I really do feel like having these conversations at home is where the work begins, and is so crucial in making a start to be better.

following.. I’ve been trying to make a conscious effort to diversify my feed. Like many of us, I noticed recently how under representative it was, and I felt pretty shameful about that, to be honest. I would definitely urge you to do the same.


Breonna Taylor petition

George Floyd petition

Make British Black History Compulsory Teaching in Schools

Anti-Racist Reading List



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