Living more mindfully is something I strive to do every day. Granted, it doesn’t all work out like that but the intention is always there. I know I’m the best version of myself when I’m being mindful and balanced, so it’s a big priority. Of course it is totally unique to every individual, but here’s how I try to do it…



Ahhh. I always say the little things are what I live for and it’s true. It’s like it’s almost in my DNA to look for everyday moments of magic. I remember getting so excited about things that were so simple when I was little, and I’m glad I can still feel like that now. Whether that’s a cup of tea in one of my favourite mugs, or painting my nails with a fresh coat, they brighten up the day. It also helps me live in the moment, I’m not thinking about future worries or past memories, I’m thinking about RIGHT NOW.


For me personally, I have to be strict with myself on knowing my boundaries. I can easily get carried away and that enthusiasm is great, but realistically I know if I’ve been out all day, I need a night at home and not go somewhere else again, that’s just how I re-set. Being mindful means taking care of your mental health and looking after YOU.


There’s quite a few things I enjoy that I like to turn into mindful events, such as colouring, walking the dog outside, and baking. I’m trying to incorporate new activities into my daily routine, and I’m loving new hobbies such as cross-stitching too.

Is being more mindful something that you’re thinking about?

  • Courtney Hardy

    These are really good tips. Doing what works for you is a big one for sure.

    • Thanks for reading Courtney, I really appreciate it xx

  • I live for the little things too! I much prefer a good cup of tea to an expensive designer handbag for sure! What you said about living in the moment is so true, it’s a great way to look at it! I also can’t cope with being out all day and then all evening. I get drained otherwise. Colouring in really helps me too. I’m going to publish some more mindful blog posts over the next few weeks so would really love to know what you think when I do! xx

    • Ooh I cannot wait to read them Soph, I’ll definitely have a nosy when they go live! xx

      • Aww thank you! They will probably be up the next two Wednesdays! xx

  • I was talking about being mindful in my therapy session today! My therapist pointed out that I have been being mindful without even realising it xx

    Lauren |

  • Amy Eade

    I definitely need to find a mindful activity – I used to be really into colouring but stopped because I just didn’t make time for it so definitely want to try getting into it again!
    Amy xx

    • I sometimes pop on a podcast in the background too which id definitely recommend!

  • Lovely words. Finding magic in the little every day things is such a valuable tool I feel. It’s lovely that you trust your limits too. Take good care. Xx lovely post x I’ve not been able to read as many blogs or write as many in recent months. But I’m always in the background, nipping in and out, and always come back here to yours, first of all. Xx

    Best Wishes –
    Milly x

    Keep calm and start writing –

    • That is so kind of you Milly and means so much to me! <3