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I wanted to give myself a challenge of logging off early every night. I spend a lot of time on social media, as we all do, so making a strict 9pm no social media rule was something that I found myself looking forward to, and getting some no screen chill out relaxation in.


Sunday night was the first night for me, and obviously it was a lot easier than the rest. We had a pretty lazy Sunday so I was all caught up with Twitter and Instagram, and spent the evening reading my book and relaxing, it was heavenly. I had such a great sleep and felt so refreshed when Monday morning rolled around!


Monday was a bit tricker, and after a few hours of no screen time I found myself eager to check Twitter and see what was happening. Although I did think of two new blog posts whilst I was trying to get to sleep, which is always the way with me, thankfully I did remember them when I woke up on Tuesday!


I totally forgot about my challenge, until it got to 8.45pm and I quickly withdrew from scrolling Instagram and Twitter, and headed off to bed with a new book and finishing a jigsaw. I’ve noticed over the past few days I haven’t had any headaches at night, which is something that is usually quite often for me, so I’m thinking that is was definitely screen related!


Oh, Wednesday, it was all going so well. Switched off, watched The Apprentice, read a book. Then I couldn’t fall asleep. This is something I’ve always struggled with, unless I’m 10/10 shattered, it takes me a good hour to fall to sleep. Fast forward to an hour later at 12am and I couldn’t resist a scroll through Twitter. Oops.


Thursday I logged off just before 10pm. I’ve started to feel a lot more detached from the social media apps, I still love using them, but I feel like I use them less for validation and more for fun, which is great news. I never knew I used them for validation, even if only for a teeny amount.


Friday was no problem, and by Saturday I was a bit less restricted with a 9pm log-off as I felt I had achieved what I had wanted to with this little challenge.



What I’ve learnt:

I learnt that actually, I was a lot more reliant on social media than I thought I was, and taking a step back was really lovely and refreshing. I felt much more refreshed on a morning after I haven’t spent the full night scrolling, so it’s definitely something I want to keep up with a few nights a week. I would completely recommend logging off early if sometimes social media feels a bit ‘too much’ for you, and it definitely helped with me having less headaches, that I found interesting.


Do you ever log off early?

  • This is such a good challenge. I’ve tried to do a 9pm log off and even that can be hard x
    Tiffany Tales | Lifestyle & Beauty

    • Thankfully after a few times doing it it gets so much easier and I always feel super refreshed after! xx

  • What a great challenge and you did sooo well!! I simply can’t log off that early, I always find I have so much to do blogging wise!!
    a life of a charlotte

    • Thank you lovely lady! And thanks for reading! xx

  • I try my best to! I’ve been trying my best to put my phone away and read a book before bed. This is such a good challenge 🙂 x

    Kayleigh | anenthusiasmfor.co.uk

    • I need to pick up some new reads! What are you reading at the mo? xx

  • I do this sometimes (need to do it soon, actually) and whether it’s a week or a month or what, I always end so refreshed.

    • Sometimes it’s just so freakin good to be OFFline xx

  • This is such a good idea – I used to log off social media at about 8pm on Fridays for the first couple of months I was blogging, but I haven’t logged off early in so long now! It’s especially difficult if it’s been a busy day and I have evening plans, then when I get home I spent hours catching up on instagram which is silly…might have to give this a go soon xxx

    Sophie | Sophar So Good

    • Maybe try and do it on a night where you’re going to be at home so you can do the extra bit of scrolling before! xxx

  • Mary Jo Aguilera

    I loved this post, logging off early is definitely something I need to start practicing, it can be such a distraction!


    • It really helped me sleep better, I must admit! xx

  • Great interesting read! I try to scroll as little as possible but am still thoroughly attached to social media. Though I don’t do twitter at least, and IG, I don’t scroll anymore, I just search for posts instead.
    I also sleep in flight mode, but would like to activate doing that earlier in a way!
    Great post!
    Holly xxx /// mrshollycrocker.com

    • Ooh really, do you just search on insta for your favourites then? I just scroll myself! xxx

  • Such a great idea for a post! I always try to switch off early at night. Some nights I do it successfully whereas other nights I fail miserably. I guess it depends what I’ve done during the day or how I’m feeling wherever or not I can go without checking my phone. But with blogging there is always so much to catch up, so it’s hard to resist the urge to check in x

    Lauren | itslaurenvictoria.blogspot.co.uk

    • Thanks babe! When I’m having a bad day esp, I really crave offline time for some reason. xxx

  • I never really log off, but I’d love to try this as an experiment and see how it affects my mental health! x


    • I’m be so interested to see how it worked for you! xx

  • Amy Eade

    I do log off early but probably only once a week/once a fortnight – I’d definitely love to try this as an experiment!
    Amy xx

    • I’m going to do it one night a week at least! xx