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Truth be told, when I was at school I hated the weekends. I found them boring, I didn’t like the lack of routine and structure they had, and I used to long for Monday to roll around so I could get back to a routine and see my friends at school. Now obviously, my opinion has changed! A few years ago I got into a real habit of making my weekends super busy, running around like the headless chicken amongst the super busy crowds of everyone else doing the same thing. Now I like them to be a lot more relaxed and laid back. I thought in todays post I’d tell you why slow weekends work for me and exactly what kind of stuff I’m getting up to.

They are a time to unwind.
I’ve worked out now that if I have a busy weekend, I end up paying for it. I don’t feel relaxed, I feel more stressed out than ever and like I’ve had no time for myself. I need a slow weekend to really unwind and get back to feeling like myself.

You can catch up on the things you missed during the week.
I know that I for one never get everything done that I’d planned during Monday to Friday. I always have a few little jobs left over that I don’t mind doing on a weekend, because chances are I’ve had a good week where I haven’t over-scheduled myself. I’d rather have a calmer week and a few things roll over into the weekend, then be crazy every weekday and laid bare on the weekend feeling too tired.

Time for you to do whatever YOU want to do.
To be completely honest, this is quite revoltionary for me and something I’m still getting my head around. I know of course there are certain things we sometimes have to do, but now I schedule them in the week, that way I know I have the weekend all to myself. Having two days where I can fill up my creative cup, do things for myself by myself, no obligations or plans set in stone, really makes a massive impact to my daily life, health and well-being.

You start Monday feeling fresh and renewed.
I actually love Mondays because they feel like a fresh start, and I’m sure a lot of why I do is down to how I spend my weekend. I feel happy, energised, and ready for the week to see what it will bring.

Things I love doing on a slow weekend:

  • Getting my paints out.
  • Baking- I made flapjack this Sunday!
  • Seeing family who live closeby.
  • Watching a tv show with Dan.
  • Going for a run.
  • Doing calming yoga.
  • Reading lots of my book.
  • Decluttering and organising.
  • Having a long bath watching Youtube.
  • Doing face masks.
  • Face-timing my sister and nephew.
  • Catching up on podcasts.
  • Walks with Harvey.
  • Practising the piano.


As you see from above, a slow weekend doesn’t in any way mean a boring, unproductive weekend. For me, a slow weekend means relishing the time you have doing things that make you happy. Whatever that may be!


Do you enjoy slow weekends?


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