At a time where New Years resolutions are rife and the overwhelm that we have to change our lives dramatically this month, I wanted to chat about why I’m not making any, and why I much prefer to set myself smaller, monthly goals instead!



I definitely lost the motivation to set myself long, un-realistic goals such as ‘drop 3 dress sizes’ and ‘no chocolate all year’ when I was a teenager. I’m a massive goal oriented person, and I like to reward myself when I achieve them. I also don’t like failure as much as the next person! Having the faith in myself that I can do what I set my mind to is a real mood-booster. Plus, because I set them in advance, I can make sure that they’re as achievable as possible, for example if I’m having a busy month, I know I won’t be able to do yoga everyday, so I’ll leave that for another time when it’s a bit quieter.



Another thing I like about monthly goals is that I can focus on them throughout the month, instead of making 10 at the beginning of the year and forgetting they exist come February. Throughout the weeks, I can check back in with them and see if I’m on the right track, what I might want to change for next month, and it’s make me feel like I’m got my priorities sorted a little bit.



When I think back to when I first started setting monthly goals over 6 months ago, I’m so proud of what I’ve achieved and the things I’ve got done. I’ve decluttered, sorted out my wardrobe, been kinder to myself, pushed my boundaries and explored life outside of my comfort zone. Plus I’m pretty glad I’ve documented them all on here so I can look back on them and see how far I’ve come. Knowing that I have actually achieved what I’ve put my mind to, makes me want to keep making more goals and to continue.



Some goals you could include:


  • Read 3 books.
  • Meditate for 5 minutes every day.
  • Go to bed earlier.
  • Practise a self-care routine.
  • Cook 2 different meals a week from wholesome, fresh ingredients.
  • Talk more on Instagram stories.
  • Get up earlier and establish a calming, morning routine.
  • Go outside for a walk every day.
  • Bake something new once a week.
  • Try a new exercise routine.
  • Work on your blog layout.
  • Have more date nights.
  • Vow to contact more brands for potential collaborations.
  • Drink more water.



Would you ever make monthly goals?


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