Over the last few years, I’ve really got into reading. It’s becoming one of my daily escapes from normal life, and I can’t imagine not loving it. I’m currently on my 73rd book of the year (which even typing that sounds CRAZY), but I thought for todays post I’d chat a bit about how to read more, if that’s something you’re currently struggling with. I hope these tips help!


For you, it may be reading a chapter on your lunch break, or doing the most of your reading on a lazy weekend. For me, it’s reading before bed. Every single night. That’s why I predominantly read fiction, because it makes me switch off a lot more than non-fiction does. I usually head to bed around 10pm and read for an hour before going to sleep. I might also read on an afternoon at the weekend, but that’s not where I get most of my reading done.



I know it’s tempting to read what everyone else is reading on Instagram at the moment, but if you’re struggling to get into the right headspace, always stick to a book you think you’re gonna love. Some of the reads I enjoy aren’t particularly ground-breaking, sometimes I just want an easier, comfort read and that’s totally okay. And if you’re struggling on a particular book, you can either carry on or give it a DNF. Personally, in depends on how I’m feeling as to what I do!


For me, I read a lot faster on my Kindle than a physical book. Maybe it’s something to do with the book percentages at the bottom of the screen that motivates me to keep going. The Amazon Kindle store always has some really great deals too where you can pick up amazing books for as little as 99p, I usually stock up on a few when I see them on offer and see where my mood takes me as to what I read next. You could also read on Audible, but I have to say that’s not something I’ve done as of yet, but I know a lot of people do like it as a great way to read more.

All of these pictures I’ve used in this post, are books that I’ve recently read and LOVED!


I’m a massive goal person and always have been. They really motivate me to stay on track, so that’s why I set a goal of 100 books this year in 2020. Last year I think I read somewhere around the 60 number, so I definitely aimed high with this one, but I fancied a challenge and I doubt I’ll manage it again. To start small, you could always aim to read a chapter a day, or finish a book a month. Just make sure it doesn’t feel too overwhelming or you’ll never start.


Do you make time to read?


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