I’ve never done one of these posts before but I always love reading them by other bloggers. April has been a busy month for me, so I decided to make one for May instead!


  1. Have a stress-free plane journey. This one makes me nervous! I’m a super anxious flyer, but we have booked a little four day getaway to Majorca at the middle of May, so I would LOVE to find something to enjoy on the plane ride there and kick my fear’s butt!
  2. Read two new books. This one should be manageable to me, as I tend to read on the Kindle app on my phone before bed if I don’t have a paper-back.
  3. Bake a new healthy snack. I have a love-hate relationship with healthy baking. It just never seems to go right for me. Because of that, I might do it once every few months if I get the urge to. I want to try a new dish for May and *hopefully* make it so it tastes nice!
  4. Less screen time. I feel like every one says this, but its just true right? I want to spend less time on my laptop, phone, iPad, watching TV etc. Especially with the warmer weather coming up, I want to spend more time outdoors and not on a device.


Have you got anything planned for May? I would love to know in the comments below! 


Be sure to check back for the result and if I manage to reach my goals!  x


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